Our Story

Rock and Alternative

Started back in 2018 with Brian Eric who wanted to rock but be different. After playing acoustic for a while and on the advice of his cousin decided to take it to the next level. November 2019 Brian held auditions at the now closed "Rock N' Rays" in Houston, TX. Enter Mike and Joel. One bass player and a drummer.  "Statik Myst" is born. 

After going it as a trio for a couple months, it was decided to add a forth and that was J.C. Now sounding more awesome than before, "Staik Myst" was on a roll. Playing all over as far as Galveston County all the way to The Woodlands. Life happens and so Mike has to step out and Wizard steps in. Once again we were on a roll. Then, 2020, Covid.

After being on hiatus due to the pandemic. Each member decided to go on to other projects.  Still keeping in contact as the pandemic began to settle, each member was just about ready to reform and take the stage once again. Then tragedy struck. After the passing J.C. the band would remain on hiatus.

 Taking the loss pretty hard, Brian decides to become a better guitar player to honor his friend and band mate, J.C. All the while, Brian's Niece, Ms Deja Vu, was learning how to play the drums. She decides she wants to play her drums for her Quiceanera. Not wanting her to go it alone. Brian and his chip off the old block, Ms Green Lightning join in for a small set.  A Light bulb goes on, "Let's keep playing"

So "Statik Myst" is reborn as a family affair. Rock N' Roll

Who we are

All members, current and former

Current members

Rockin & Rolling

An idea turned family affair

Brian Eric

Vocals, guitar (original member 2019 - Current)

The voice of the Band. 

Green Lightning

Bass (Member 2021 - Current)

The glue that keeps us together. More than meets the eye

Deja Vu

Drums (Member 2021 - Currnet

Heartbeat of the band

The Originals

How it all started

Just 3 guys who meet at a bar

Mike Price

Bass (Original Member 2019-2020)
Rhythm Guitar (2024 - Current)

All the way from Ohio, always ready to play and look for gigs

Joel Gonzales 

Drums (Original member 2019-2020) Sound man (2019 - currnet)

Hardest working guy in the biz, Joel currently still helps provide sound for the band today


Lead Guitar, vocals (Member 2019 - 2020)

 Our d'artagnan. 4th member one of the best guitarist we had the pleasure of playing with. J.C. was an inspiration and a good friend. 


Bass (Member 2020 - 2020)

Awesome hair and even better bass skillz

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